Selle Italia Sattel Iron EVO Superflow

Item no.:  SI30811200
Selle Italia Sattel Iron EVO Superflow - Image 1
Selle Italia Sattel Iron EVO Superflow - Image 2
Selle Italia Sattel Iron EVO Superflow - Image 1Selle Italia Sattel Iron EVO Superflow - Image 2

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Selle Italia Iron EVO SuperFlow

The Iron Evo is a specially developed thriatlon saddle, which was developed in cooperation with Patrik Lange and BMC-Vifit Pro Teams. The Iron Evo is a concentrate of technology, innovation and high quality components. The ideal saddle for anyone who wants excellent seating comfort and optimal performance without sacrificing positional aerodynamics.

The SuperFlow technology ensures permanent pressure relief through an extended and enlarged recess. Especially in the perineal area and thus enables lasting driving comfort.

High Density & Soft Density
High Density: The padding ensures excellent performance, especially during powerful pedaling.

Soft Density: The padding guarantees great comfort without compromising performance.

Weight: 245g
Cover: Fibra-Tek
Size: 132*256mm
Frame: TI316 Ø 7mm
Universal size: U3
Color: Black 

Each and every Selle Italia saddles is the fruit of our constant research and development programs. We use detailed scientific studies and millimeter after millimeter, material after material, we work closely with the top doctors and biomechanics scientists to turn out saddles which come one step closer to perfection, which fit any anatomy, and which can meet any possible need of the cyclist.

Today more than ever, research and development comes first for Selle Italia. In the past, saddles were produced first and their use was determined later. Today Selle Italia never creates just any product. We make careful research and lab tests, then extensive real-life testing with riders. Thats how perfect saddles are born, and that is why Selle Italia saddles optimize comfort and performance for any rider.

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