ZIPP 404 Firecrest™ tubular Custom mit Bitex RAR9 RAF10 Hub

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ZIPP 404 Firecrest™ tubular Custom mit Bitex RAR9 RAF10 Hub - Image 1
ZIPP 404 Firecrest™ tubular Custom mit Bitex RAR9 RAF10 Hub - Image 2
ZIPP 404 Firecrest™ tubular Custom mit Bitex RAR9 RAF10 Hub - Image 1ZIPP 404 Firecrest™ tubular Custom mit Bitex RAR9 RAF10 Hub - Image 2
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  • Description

ZIPP 404 Firecrest™ tubular Custom mit Bitex RAR9 RAF10 Hub, Road Bike

The 404 Rim with it's 58 mm depth, is a classic in ZIPP's range, since the 90s. Until this day riders are winning with these 404 rims on flat surfaces like Queen K up to hilly L'Alpe d'Huez.
With the Firecrest rim profile, it has special characteristics which allow to win every run. No matter if it's a road bike or triathlon bike, the 404 will be a perfect choice. Due to it's revolutional Firecrest profile, rims allow to save up to 71 s / 23 watt for every 40 km.
  • Firecrest Technoloy
  • Carbon Bridge Technology
  • VCLC Technology
  • ABLC Dimple Design
  • 58 mm rim depth
  • 27.5 mm rim width
''We've tried every brand, but haven't found one that works better than SwissStop'' No other sentence describe the performance of these swiss brake pads. These are the best brake pads on the market.
Laced with Sapim CX Ray or DT Swiss Aerolite (black), depending on availability. Lace with silver or black aluminium nipples, depending on availability
Technical data:
  • Spoke pattern: Front wheel: 16 radial, Rear wheel 20h 2x cross
  • Bitex hubs
  • Suitable for Shimano/Sram 9/10/11/12-speed, convertible for Campagnolo
  • Rim depth: 58 mm
  • Tire type: Tubular

Important: Just for tubular tires, which are glued to the rims

Equipment delivered: Wheelset: Zipp 404 Firecrest tubular with Bitex hubs, 2 titanium skewers, " pairs of SwissStop brake pads

Weight limits:

The total weight of the system rider+equipment (clothing+bike+bottles+tools+etc.) must not be above 102 kg.  The wheels are not permitted for tandem-bikes.No Warranty on violation of limit.


Important: Only for tubular tires that are glued onto the rim.

Great that you're interested in our carbon wheels for tubular tires! Here's what you need to know about them:

Lightweight and Fast: Our carbon wheels are designed for tubular tires, which means they are lighter than traditional wire bead tires. This makes your bike more agile and accelerates faster.
Professional Performance: Many professionals prefer tubular tires because they offer an impressive combination of performance and reliability. With our carbon wheels, you'll get the most out of your bike.
Smooth Riding Experience: The seamless construction of tubular tires provides a smooth riding experience and offers better grip in corners. That means more control and fun while riding.

But how do tubular tires differ from other versions like tubeless, clincher, and tubular tires/tubular?

Tubular Tires/Tubular: This version uses a seamless rubber tire that is glued directly onto the rim. They offer the best performance but are slightly more difficult to mount and require special rims.
Tubeless: Unlike tubular tires, tubeless tires do not use inner tubes. Instead, sealant is poured into the tire to seal small punctures. Tubeless tires offer similar benefits to tubular tires but are slightly easier to mount and maintain.
Clincher: Clincher tires are the most common type of tires. They have a separate tire and tube construction that is clinched onto the rim. Clincher tires are easy to mount and offer good all-around performance but are usually heavier than tubular and tubeless tires.

So if you're looking for the highest performance and a premium riding experience, our carbon wheels for tubular tires are the perfect choice for you!

If you have any further questions, feel free to let us know...

Zipp’s sole mission is to help you go faster. That's why our wheels are race-ready before they're camera-ready. For years, Zipp has used a combination of testing methods – wind tunnel, CFD computer simulations, pro athlete evaluations, and on-road testing – to refine aero performance to new levels of excellence. Our goal is to reduce aero drag while also minimizing the effects of crosswinds on handling. This optimizing of aero efficiency and crosswind stability became known internally at Zipp as AeroBalance™. The approach began with Firecrest technology and has been advanced with the introduction of the NSW lineup, especially with the Sawtooth™ technology. Sawtooth™ accomplishes this with a series of patented fin-shaped Hyperfoil™ nodes along the inner diameter of the rim that work together with our new HexFin™ ABLC dimples for improved airflow.