ZIPP 808 Firecrest™ Carbon Clincher Front Wheel Custom with Bitex Hub rim brake

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      ZIPP 808 Firecrest™ clincher custom front wheel with Bitex hubs for rim brake

Optimizing wheels to perform with precision and control at the deep depth of the 808 Firecrest®  is pure engineering science. While the 808 Firecrest’s aerodynamics and stability are proven every weekend in road races, triathlons and time trials around the world, understanding how profoundly good these wheels are only comes from riding the wheel that, as a set, has proven faster than any other

Optimizing the revolutionary Firecrest aero-rim concept for an 82mm depth required us to evaluate a slew of minutely varied prototypes through CFD, or computational fluid dynamics, software and in the wind tunnel.

With Firecrest’s unparalleled approach to the wheel’s center of pressure, the 808 Firecrest also handles crosswinds with the stability you’d normally associate with a much shallower rim – making the 808s ideal for non-disc legal courses like Kona. Plus, the wide rim shape provides efficient power transfer along with comfort and durability, making it an excellent choice for just about any terrain and riding style.



With the new proprietary Firecrest rim shape in our 202, 303, 404 and 808 Firecrest wheels, Zipp wheels make a bigger difference in more ways than ever. Not only is Firecrest more aerodynamic than any other rim design, it improves handling in crosswinds and overall ride quality.

ABLC™  (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control)
Advanced Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) refers to the patented and instantly recognizable dimpled pattern found on all of our carbon rims. ABLC smoothes airflow across the rim's surface and is tailored to every model from the 202 to the Super-9 Disc. The third-generation of ABLC has up to four times more dimples than before.

VCLC™  (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control)
Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control (VCLC) uses a vibration-absorbing material sandwiched between layers of rigid carbon laminate in the rim. When the wheel receives an impact from the road, much of the shock is absorbed by the VCLC system, delivering a 10% reduction in vibration.



Firecrest™ rim profile
VCLC™  (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control)
ABLC™  (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control)
82mm rim height
27,5mm width (26,05mm at brakingsurface)
for clinchers
only use with specific carbon brake pads

The lightweight Bitex RAF10 front hub with 4x industrial bearings is even with its light weight more reliable than other products on the market and thrills you with its smoothness.

The exclusive titan quick releases perfectly matches the wheelset, it's clean look and light weight are perfect for that wheels.

        “We’ve tried every brand, but haven’t found one that works better than SwissStop.” No other quote describes the braking performance of the brake pads from the swiss company better.

The wheels are made by hand from experienced german wheelbuilders, which not only looks on truing but also guarantees steady spoke tension.

Laced with Sapim CX Ray or DT Swiss Aerolite in black, depending on availability.

 Laced with black or silver aluminum nipples, depending on availability.

Technical dates:


Lacing: front 16h radial,
Hub: Bitex RAF10 hub
Tyre: clinchers only

Equipment delivered: Front wheel Zipp ZIPP 808 firecrest clincher with Bitex hubs, SwissStop brake pads

 We are a official Zipp pro shop.




 The total weight of the system rider+equipment (clothing+bike+bottles+tools+etc.) must not be above 102kg. The wheels are not permitted for tandem-bikes. No Warranty on violation of limit.

Zipp’s sole mission is to help you go faster. That's why our wheels are race-ready before they're camera-ready. For years, Zipp has used a combination of testing methods – wind tunnel, CFD computer simulations, pro athlete evaluations, and on-road testing – to refine aero performance to new levels of excellence. Our goal is to reduce aero drag while also minimizing the effects of crosswinds on handling. This optimizing of aero efficiency and crosswind stability became known internally at Zipp as AeroBalance™. The approach began with Firecrest technology and has been advanced with the introduction of the NSW lineup, especially with the Sawtooth™ technology. Sawtooth™ accomplishes this with a series of patented fin-shaped Hyperfoil™ nodes along the inner diameter of the rim that work together with our new HexFin™ ABLC dimples for improved airflow.