Brand/Manufacturer: Ridley

Belgian to the core

Ridley is part of Belgian Cycling Factory, the largest cycling company in Belgium. A fact of which we are immensely proud, considering Belgium is one of the undisputed birthplaces of cycling.
This small but cycling-rich land is also home to the best cyclists throughout history and is host to the most beautiful cycling classics.
In addition, it remains an absolute cycling Mecca for countless cycling tourists. Ridley has been a part of Belgian cycling history since 1990.
Each bike is therefore designed by Belgian R&D engineers, sprayed on site in our paint shop and rolled through our Belgian assembly. Find out below how Ridley and Belgium are tightly intertwined. 
Driven by Technology
Since the brand’s inception in 1997, Ridley has invested heavily in Research & Development. 
This has enabled us to be at the forefront of various innovations such as aerodynamic bikes, the tapered head tube, the use of carbon in bikes, and the emerging European gravel market.
Throughout the years, we have also remained true to our technological philosophy: Form Follows Function. Every part of the frame must have an added value.
Some aesthetic elements, of course, are permitted – as long as they don’t compromise the bike’s optimal function.