Felt LS Jersey for women black

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Felt LS Jersey for women black - Image 1Felt LS Jersey for women black - Image 2Felt LS Jersey for women black - Image 3
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Felt LS Jersey for women black

Brand: Felt
Color: black-white
Product description
  • lightweight and breathable fabric 
  • with a full-length zipper 
  • 3 pockets on the back
  • material: 86% polyester, 14% polyuretane 


Go. Fast.  Our mission is to be the preeminent performance drop-bar and triathlon bike company in the world. We think that going fast is fun and we make our bikes accordingly.

Our customers have a racing spirit and a competitive mindset. Whether they are pinning on a number at the World Championships or in the hunt for a KOM or QOM on their local segments, performance is the common thread aligning us together. Our purpose is to create the bikes that'll deliver the results as our customers tackle their next performance goal. This is our #FeltFamily.

To realize our mission, we take direction from several guiding principles that provide focus and determination along the way. These beacons keep us aligned, focused, and on-pace with an uncompromising approach to who we are and what we do. Our promise as a brand is to deliver a superlative ride to those with an unbridled competitive spirit. Speed is good. 
Felt Bicycles was founded in California, a land of pioneers, entrepreneurial mavericks, technology-driven mavens, and the most passionate outdoor fanatics you’ll find anywhere. Since 1991, we have strived to be the most innovative cycling company on the planet. That’s been our guiding principle. And, our targeted goal is to help each rider ascend to a world championship victory, surpass a personal record, or achieve a perfect ride on the parcours of their liking. We are devoted to creating the finest cycling experience in the world because we love nothing more than bikes and what they can bring to the human experience. From conquering an alpine climb to starting a fitter life through riding, from the thrill of racing to the forging of camaraderie on a group ride with friends, nothing compares to the act of pedaling. Wherever you are in your two-wheeled journey, we invite you to join us for the ride. 
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