Which e-Bike is the right one for me?

Which e-Bike is the right one for me?

Where do I want to ride my bike?

First of all, you have to ask yourself what would you like to do with your bike. This question can orientate you and discard some bike categories. For example, if you ride often on unpaved forest trails, is the election for a city bike probably wrong. Or if you want substitute your car with a bike on the way to work or shopping, so could be an s-pedelec a good option. 

What kind of rider am I?

The next question is, how would you like to ride? Do you prefer to ride in an athletic position or comfortable? The sitting posture is the most important aspect to consider. If you ride an MTB there will be more load on your arms than if you ride trekking bike. The city-bike is the most comfortable, due to the rider´s upright position and low load on your arm articulations. You should always be honest with yourself, otherwise you won´t enjoy the ride as much as with right bike. 


Which frame shape do I need?

There are three different frame shapes: low entry frame, trapezoidal frame, and diamond frame. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. The low entry frame has no top tube, so that it is easy to mount the bike; also, the sit position on them is very comfortable because the rider is more or less upright. The trapezoidal frame is a mix of the other two. Mounting and Dismounting are also relatively easy, although you will have a more athletic position. The classical diamond frame comes with a stretched and sporty sitting position.  

City e-Bike

•  Areas of use: short and medium distances in everyday life, short trips with everyday luggage.
•  Routes: city, paved roads in the countryside.
•  Frame shape: low, trapezoidal, diamond.
•  Sitting position: upright, city traffic in view
•  Equipment: according to StVO (Road Traffic regulations in Germany), often with many comfort elements. 

Trekking und Touren E-Bike:

• Areas of use: designed for very long distances, commuting routes, a lot of luggage.
• Routes: city, country, dirt roads (no off-road).
• Frame shape: trapezoid, diamond, low entry.
• Sitting position: stretched, sporty position.
• Equipment: according to StVO (Road Traffic regulations in Germany), with many options for luggage.


• Areas of use: sporty rides, downhill and uphill.
• Routes: Offroad and on paved paths.
• Frame shape: based on diamond frames.
• Sitting position: sporty stretch.
• Equipment: not compliant with road traffic regulations in Germany.



With the bike-leasing concept you have the opportunity to own the bike of your dreams through your employer. A company-bike is equivalent to a company-car: you can get more favorable conditions and claim lower acquisition costs. Weather you ride your bike to work or not is opt to you, there is no obligation. 

Here you find a link to a fee calculator:



How will I receive my new bike?

The Handlebar simply has to be turned and the pedals screwed on. The tires are already pumped, yet there may be an insignificant difference depending on the bike´s weight. Should you get a damaged bike, please document it in a picture and contact us.

Here is an explanatory video: