E-Bike Batteries - Original & not refurbed

Dive into our selection of E-bike batteries, known for their quality and authenticity.
We offer only new, original batteries, directly from the manufacturer – without compromises on third-party or refurbished products. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Why you should choose our E-bike batteries:

Original from the manufacturer: We guarantee that all our E-bike batteries are brand new and directly from the manufacturer. Rely on original quality for maximum performance.

Variety of models: Our range includes a wide selection of E-bike batteries, starting with the popular Giant EnergyPak Smart models with 500 Wh, 625 Wh, and impressive 800 Wh. But that's not all – discover many other high-quality options.

Expert advice: If you have uncertainties or questions about compatibility, we are here to help. Just send us a message with the frame number of your E-bike, and our team will get back to you promptly.

Replacement, exchange, addition – Maximize your possibilities: Experience the benefits of a replacement, exchange, or additional battery. Expand the range of your E-bike and optimize your riding experience.

Our dedication to quality and customer care makes Bike-onlineshop.de your first stop for E-bike batteries. Trust us to elevate your electric bike to a new level of performance.

Discover the world of E-bike batteries at Bike-onlineshop.de – for unparalleled quality and unique riding experiences. 
We have batteries for almost all Giant and Liv models.

Here is a selection:
Reign E+ Pro, Trance X E+ Pro, Trance E+ Pro, Stance E+ Pro, Stance E+ , Fathom E+ Pro, Fathom E+ (2021), Explore E+ Pro, Explore E+, Amiti E+, Prime E+, Anytour E+, Dailytour E+, Dirt E+, Full E+, Quick E+, Entour E+, Intrigue X E+, Road E+, Revolt E+, Intrigue E+ Pro, Embolden E+, Vall-E+ Pro, Vall-E+...

If you cannot find a battery or have questions about compatibility, simply send us a message and provide the frame number of your bike.